preaching to the choir

Today’s editorial in the Newsletter.

Perhaps the Healy monument was sited  in the wrong location, the Town Pool area can be quiet at times, like a cemetery, or a ball field ,or a school. These areas are often the targets of vandalism. Vandalism is  more than often not premeditated, one kid does something and others follow suit. The previous vandalism of the Healy monument was done by two 9 year old children. Let’s not ascribe to very young children a deep set  of feelings towards the institutions, the hard work of volunteers and memories held dear by adults. That being said there is nothing wrong and much very good about inquiring of a group of young kids what they might be up to, when  you encounter them  out and about. I have often done the very same when I happen on some youngsters that might require a heads up.

I have come down the river back to my  mooring many times and will see kids,some not so young, boys and girls, lobbing rocks at the moored boats in our little  pool. I lost a window  on my scow one season to the bored and not yet fully formed brains of these youth. So, as I glide in I glance over to the Swasey Parkway and see adults on benches, adults eating ice cream, simply  watching the target practice. I will bet the parents of the children that  damaged the Healy monument would thank you many times over if you had an opportunity to nip this  latest damage in the bud.

“What are you guys up to?”

That’s usually all it takes.


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