3pm primary day in Exeter NH

1600 have voted.
That’s lame given all the back and forth on web sites,in coffee shops,on the street.This is why my eyes glaze over.For all the talk there is no action.
“It’s just the primary, I will vote after someone else makes my choice of candidate for the “real election”
Please vote

Update 9:15 pm 30% of registered voters cast their vote today,which in my view is pitiful.
2946 voters participated.

One thought on “3pm primary day in Exeter NH

  1. I do think there’s a case to be made that you should evaluate primary turnout only based on partisan registered voters. That is to say, despite the ability to vote in the primary of their choosing, we shouldn’t have the expectation that unaffiliated voters participate in a primary, since it is just an organized party affair. That said, I am sure the percentage of voter turnout by party is still quite paltry.

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