Often the word is overused, but in a verdict on the Swasey Beer and Chili fest , it’s spot on. Congratulations to the  organizers and sign me up now for next year. I ventured out of the  beer tent too, briefly, bought a  new belt, some fun jewelery  for Doozie, a brownie from Clyde’s Cupcakes.  Clyde was selling these mini pies. I plan on hitting his shop this coming week to sample  his pies, purely tasting research for my Aunt.Every vendor made a great effort. The musicians were all stellar.

Really , a major home run.

We walked as we live so close, it’s just down Park street. Coming home though, from a beer fest, we both felt the Town should explore  a funicular for those of of us struggling back to our homes after another great event downtown.


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