Fresh Fish Daley

The latest news from our  Fishmonger

Dear FFDers,

Quite the lineup today folks. As the gardens are offering up their final fruits, so it seems the sea has similar timing. We’ve got the final stages of this years WILD KING SALMON from the WA state rivers. We’ve got some of the most exquisite BLUEFISH landed off the coast of Long Island. If you have any hankering for EAST COAST HALIBUT today would be well worth your trip. We have north Atlantic Haddock, Cod , and Flounder. The Canadian Sword season is winding down , but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a real yummy one the in house. oh yeah, FRESH FLA. HEADON SHRIMP. I meant to mention those last fri. , but was scrambling too much in order to head off to Parents Weekend for #3 son. Shrimp are still excellent , maybe even developed a bit more shrimp flavor.

anyway …to keep it short , we’re putting together the crabcakes and baked stuffed clams in a minute or so…Fish and Clam chows..Karimah’s got a couple of new items in here including a red pepper,garlic, lemon sauce just for fish.don’t ask me the name; but it has drawn raves as most of her stuff does.

Plenty of nice fresh produce including the Garnet Yams, Avocados, Comice pears, nice hot house Tomatoes, mushrooms, strawberries…That’s not short but, believe me, the list does go on..We’ll save some for ya. thanks for your time …Fred

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