What an improvement!

We should survey our streets and yards for trees that present hazards, to your neighbors home, your place,  power lines and roadways. Whenever I see a huge limb that has fallen , the rot at the failure point is evident. A tree can appear to be in good shape, and you can love your big tree, and wrap your arms around it, but that’s only because the cost of trimming and removal is daunting to the average homeowner.

The bugs are munching constantly on trees.

The default, do nothing.

“I really should have bought that generator!”

Connecticut is removing trees in a huge way and yes people get worked up, but they have to be realistic. That Halloween storm caused havoc in the heavily treed Nutmeg State.

The power outages were lengthy.

I will present my first candidate for removal. I don’t know who will pay for it . They are easy to spot around Town, they are the Sequoias of their specie, and if they fell or were damaged , a significant portion would fall outside of your property.

Park Street

Hartford Courant news story on tree trimming effort


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