First Friday Coffeehouse

Musicians, old-timers, young whipper-snappers, poets, folks who’ve just learned to use their generators for the first time, folks who wish they had a generator:

Welcome to another annual dose of interesting weather. I hope you’ve been able to ride out the storm safely with a bit of humor, patience, and at least some downtime to write a poem, or practice your instrument. The First Friday Coffeehouse is pleased to announce our next featured performers, “Banjos and Old Lace” on Friday, November 2. Banjos & Old Lace is a musical duo whose members include guitarist and banjo player Robert Phillips from the Boston area and singer/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jane Nelson from Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Phillips and Nelson perform classic banjo pieces for piano and banjo as well as Anglo-American parlor songs. Phillips is a regular feature at coffeehouses and historic homes throughout Massachusetts, and has repeatedly been a first place finalist at the Lowell Banjo & Fiddle Contest in recent years. Nelson is also a longtime member of the Gypsy Minor dance band and can be heard regularly at barn dances and folk festivals across New England. Her most recent performances include the Down East Folk Festival, Mostly Waltz at Springstep in Medford, MA, and the New England Folk Festival.

The coffeehouse is held in the Parish Hall and begins at 7:30 PM. Sign-up for the open-mike begins at 6:30 PM. The open-mike portion of the coffeehouse begins at 8:30 PM. Bring a dessert, tell a friend, and we’ll see you on Friday, November 2nd.

For more information, e-mail:, or phone: 642-4648.

Hope to see then,


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