Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving travel, I have some real horror stories, I bet you do too.

“The runway should be cleared of snow very soon”

“The Mass Pike is a parking lot from Framingham to Sturbridge.”

I remember a helicopter traffic guy that employed nautical terms to color his patter.

“You’ll be throwing out the anchor at the jug handle”.

Funny,  maybe I should have taken my boat  to Grandma’s

The Volkswagen heating system works best, when the  vehicle is actually moving. That was true of the 1968 Peoples Car .

“We simply have to pick up my pal in NYC, don’t worry, we will be back on the  road to DC in minutes, I know exactly where he lives”

“What does the red light mean on your instrument panel?”

“It appears now that the truck has taken out all 4 supports of the bridge”

“The driver, Pierre Asparaguise delivering Christmas trees from New Brunswick, seems fine, tune in later when we will be updating the latest news on the current  problems at Toys R US, no Cabbage Patch Dolls and few Beanie babies available has triggered fistfights”

I should be barreling down Route 1 right now, in the Saugus area, headed for South Station to collect Jeffrey at the bus terminal.

I had my doubts about how this was going to work out, the Red Eye from Philly, Megabus.

“Surprise, I am coming home after all, I will get in at 5:50am”

“11pm departure from Philly”

Oh, I set the alarm,(“4am, that will allow  for the road mayhem factor”) so I could  get the dog out, no gunfire this early, my neighbors can remain, embraced by Morpheus.

Then I scanned my inbox.

From Jeff

“It’s 1 am now and someone just called the company. Might not get here for another 2 hours. That would put us in Boston at 10. I’ll keep you posted.”

243 am: “Ugh what a night.”

I am staying  up now, and really  looking forward to the  new pick up time.

Do you believe that? The latter is false, the former very true.

Do a quick  bad news search for Megabus, with your parent  hat  on, then go back to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you all arrive safe and rested, and ready to enjoy this beautiful day.

We are for sure,it’s all Italian this year, Doozie made her signature sauce, and we passed on the bird.

My most sincere apologies if you are now, and for the rest of the  day humming this song.

Really, sorry.


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