wednesday evening

If I win tonight, all of it, no sharesies. I will buy the Town a new Waste Water Treatment Plant. This is contingent on the Great? Dam being removed, and a new cafeteria being installed at the  Middle School. I also would like to see the junk yard removed from Epping Rd. Cathy Corson during a recent Planning Board Meeting  almost swooned when  the new hospice/nursing home made their initial appearance before the board. . She gushed as to how so many people were soooo tired of the concrete plant eyesore.


Years ago I thought we should buy that for expanding the Rec Park.

I am glad that a nursing home is being built though, the Country needs more of those for sure.

But really, you could hardly see the Redi- Mix plant behind the trees, and frankly in that area  you should keep your eyes on the road.

It’s time to clean house on Epping Rd.

So get that all done and we got a deal.

I promise,


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