One of my  younger sisters was in Portsmouth last night on business and suggested Doozie and  I  meet her for dinner. So, it was up to me to make sure the gals had a great time. It was cold too, so forget about strolling around deciding which restaurant to visit. We had taken in the  Christmas Walk  last weekend at Strawberry Banke with another couple and had upon leaving that great event walked by Mombo.

I wanted to go right in at that point,  it was another cold night, but we selected another spot for a  libation. Mombo  looked very cozy and we had never been there.  I was overruled, it happens. The restaurant is in the building once used as a general store by the Banke.

One thing for sure I noticed, they have their own parking lot.

So last night after picking up my sister at the Sheraton I drove  straight  there, despite Doozie angling  for some other joints, tried and tested.

There was no street parking I could see as I ducked through the traffic that wouldn’t have required some walking and we had no reservations. I was headed for Mombo and that parking lot.  After a very short time at the bar catching up on family matters,  we were seated.

I will leave the food reviews to Rachel Forrest, but it was fabulous and the service, well it was exemplary .

It has  a parking lot, the gals got dropped right at the door. If your headed out this season for a special night you might  consider my recommendation .


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