KSJN 99.5

While we decorate the tree  we are streaming Minnesota Public Radio, their music selections are  wonderful  this evening . They have broken in a few times with weather updates.

Blizzard, 17 inches of drifting snow, single digits forecast. In  western portions of the State tonight they are expecting 40 below with the wind chill. They are advising you don’t venture out lest you end up like Sam McGee

Have you ever been to Minnesota? You have to plug your car in at night to prevent the block from freezing.

The down comforter is never put away , you use it all Summer.

Wise guys will try and tell you it’s a “dry cold” akin  to the Southwest’s “dry heat”

It’s just really  cold  and  Arizona is really hot.

Doozie has now nixed any discussion of retiring to Duluth.




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