Thank you


That’s what people usually say when I alert them to a light out condition on their vehicle. Sometimes they are profuse in their reply.

“Oh , thanks very very much!”

I never hear “I know”.

Really, I do this alot for other drivers.

This is a RCMP patrol car, far be it from me to poke at domestic law enforcement.

I usually will give a little toot of my horn  and yell forward to the car at the stop sign, “You got a brake light out”

A headlight out is little difficult to alert another driver to, without giving chase.

“This guy was chasing me honking his horn!”

I saw 3 out this morning, and have noticed an increase of late in my travels.    I am not sure if law enforcement makes any effort in this regard. You are, by either ignoring the repair, or not checking your lights every now and then, opening yourself up to a traffic stop.

A car really requires two headlights especially on our dark country byways.

So, I suggest  you and your partner do a driveway check now and then to make sure all your various lights are working, tire pressure check and it’s a good time now to change out your wiper blades too, and make sure you have some extra windshield fluid aboard. Especially if this is a family car used by your children.

Just looking out for you,


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