Fresh Fish Daley


Merry Christmas to Fresh Fish Daley!


Dear FFDers,

Like everyone and everywhere else it’s go-go-go here , and the bah hum bug syndrome is seeping in…however, in a matter of days hopefully with family and friends surrounding us we can say it was almost worth the zaniness. If you have time to sit down and cook a meal with those that have arrived  or arriving soon, here’s a list of some of the offerings.:


SALMON….CAPE SCALLOPS….SEA SCALLOPS…TUNA…FRESH WILD CHEM-FREE SHRIMP(may run out , but have more for the weekend)


calamari salad….baked stuffed clams….crabcakes… fish chowder… Mediterranean stew…shrimp scampi..smoked trout and bluefish pates

I may not have time to update further after rounding things for the final push on Fri. So if you are really counting on something I should know before Fri.

I thank you all for getting FFD to her 32nd Christmas. Have yourself a Merry Christmas.


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