First Friday Coffeehouse 1/4/13

13? Where is my jet pack?


From Bob Moore

Sylvan Roots

Musicians, Poets, Post-Apocalypse Zombies, Zombie-eaters, Zombies that fall in love and wake up with warm bodies, bodies that fall asleep and wake-up with warm zombies,

Yes, we’ve survived another end-of-the-world, that was a close one, nice work, and we’re still teetering on the fiscal cliff, how long can you hang on is the question. The answer is about as long as it takes to wait for the next end-of-the-world prediction. In the meantime we might as well play some music, bring in another New Year, and read some poetry. So, come on down to the First Friday Coffeehouse this Friday. We’re featuring the acoustic roots band, Sylvan Roots, plus other special guests including a youngster who sings a mean (I mean tender) version of Edelweiss. If you’re unfamiliar with Sylvan Roots, the band is a trio with Dick Kruppa on banjo, percussion, guitar and lead and harmony vocals, Neal Zweig on accompanying guitar, and yours truly on guitar and vocals. We like to mix up the songs, so you’ll hear some older tunes, traditional, Gordon Lightfoot – type material, original works, Bruce Cockburn, and other surprises. We’re going to start the coffeehouse at 7:30 PM with another guest (another surprise). The music will run till about 8:30, and the open-mike will begin at that time. Hope you can make it, and by the way, a Happy and Peaceful New Year to you all. Start working on those revolu…, I mean resolutions!

Be good, and if not, be careful,

The First Friday Coffeehouse

featuring Sylvan Roots

The First Unitarian-Universalist Society of Exeter

12 Elm Street (Parish Hall), Exeter, NH

Friday, January 4th

7:30 PM

Sign-up for performers starts at 6:30 PM.

Musicians, poets, families, performing art enthusiasts encouraged to attend. Bring a dessert. Coffee and tea will be provided. Donations gratefully accepted.

Tell a friend and see you on Friday, January 4th

For more information, e-mail or phone: 642-4648.

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