January 6 1919

Theodore Roosevelt considered by many historians as one of our greatest Presidents passed away on this date in 1919. While there may be some aspects of his personal and political philosophy that are difficult for me to abide, I realize that  was then and now is completely different.

In some respects.

It’s difficult to reach back in history  for that special woman or man that you want to use to press an issue, today.

You will find yourself bumping up time and again against the mores of  the  particular Age of your interest.

What a life TR had, and gone at 60. My parents took me to visit his estate on Long Island when I was little, the item in his study that stuck in my head to this day was his wastepaper basket, an elephants foot.

I just did an image search for that unusual item. Found it among other items from Roosevelt’s home, Sagamore Hill, on loan while renovations were done this year. The collection of personal items was loaned to the National Firearms Museum. It matches my memory exactly in size and color. I am not linking to a NRA blog so you can see the basket, you can find it yourself if so inclined.

TR  also read and recited poetry.

I enjoyed Mornings on Horseback some years ago, a terrific account of a life lived to the fullest. You might add it to your reading list or suggest it to a child.

Here is a voice recording of Theodore Roosevelt speaking to an issue that has spanned the Ages.


He disliked the moniker Teddy.


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