I was going through the huge pile of newsprint here, all the sports, auto, most of the lifestyle, and the now regular medical/health sections( which are advertising supplements disguised as news) go in the bin. Sunday is approaching with another big pile of newsprint to plow through.

Doozie has been traveling in Pennsylvania of late, so I have that treasure trove of local newsprint stories to enjoy.

I saw this photo of ducklings and children  in the Philadelphia Inquirer and had to post it. It was so much more hopeful than a photo of Aleppo, Syria. Can you imagine the faces of the children in Syria? This week I heard or read( it does get confusing) that half the agricultural land or crops in Syria have been destroyed by the fighting.


There will be no end to the misery if we do not turn away from war and violence .

I know that if this post got any play at all there would be an anonymous comment.

“Who gives a crap about Syria, We got our own problems”

Brrrr, that’s more chilling than the howling I hear outside.