The Big Storm


1100 am

penguin 430pm



800 pm





I had to dash , well tiptoe, over to Staples in Stratham for some printer ink. The roads are lousy, it’s time to hunker down.

Route 101 is dicey, the ramps are bad, Portsmouth Ave is snow covered. The only bare pavement is  on the most heavily traveled pavement. Think String Bridge, Water Street  right downtown.

Everything else is getting worse.

A quick scan of Mass DOT highway cams show wet roads and no snow on the grassy medians. So we are getting a double dose of this storm here in New Hampshire.

It’s 22 inches to the tip of the penguins beak.

Let’s see what happens, the forecast certainly  had a fudge factor. It is now 11am.

Final Update 2/10/13I just got back from Boston/Cambridge  after dropping some weekend guests  at their cozy nest in Cambridge.

The highways are fine, once off the ramp, any ramp, it’s still a mess. Given the level of snow removal activity I witnessed today, it’s going to be   several days, a week, before Beantown or any densely populated areas( with on street parking) are back to normal. There is no place to put the snow. The streets are lined with buried cars.


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