Fresh Fish Daley


A note from the Fish Monger.

Let’s hope he comes home from the rink whole( remember Fred?) to a line of waiting customers.


Dear FFDers,

Despite those 3 days of howling wind, it’s my job to find some goodies from one ocean or another. Luckily it all ends up in Boston, where I can one-stop shop for the stuff you tell me you have a fondness for.

and if your seafood budget hasn’t been shot by Ash Wed, Valentine”s day, or the first Fri. of Lent.. come on down for these:

HADDOCK: offshore domestic…really nice!!

Fresh GA SHRIMP… brown in color , and I think deeper natural flavor

Flounder..same trip as the Haddock..with size for rolling, we do have crabmeat

HAKE…top freshness

Salmons;::: WILD KING (previously frozen) AND FRESH SCOTTISH ATLANTIC(farmed)

You know by now that it doesn’t end at the fresh fish,,,we’ll be throwing together a surprise or two when Jessie shows, she’s an up and coming sous chef, and has got the calamari salad , and bluefish pate DOWN.

Plenty of Veggies, more Fruit tomorrow, such as grapefruit and pears, and some kind of nice juice orange….if anyone would like to split a case of anything please inquire..big savings!!

Gonna try and get in some noon-time lay low til around 1;30 …should be able to handle the onslaught shortly thereafter

Thanks for your time….Fred..

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