Patch photo.

I know  we all try to put our best mug out on the web, folks on Facebook are always changing their image, but it’s usually a current photo.

Something within the last ten or 15 years.

When I attended the candidate forum I was looking for this guy, pictured above, I didn’t see him. I was actually floored by the discrepancy between the photo and the man at the table.

It does matter.

The visual.

I also  have a question about Frank Ferraro being in  the polling area this year since he is all in for this candidate.

It’s unseemly.


2 thoughts on “Image

  1. You have made my day sometimes I feel I am all alone, I hit that post button and hope I can find someone that also has eyes, and vision, like you. I will check out your take on this later. I am knee deep in paint here.Doozie did make some significant changes upon her return.

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