Brian Griset et al are so over

Our Town Clerk had only 60 requests for absentee ballots as of last week, not one was sent overseas.

You have to request an absentee ballot.

There is/was no problem with the ballot, there is however a problem with those that continue to foment controversy where there is none. They seem to have blinders on in respect of how reasonable people want to live, together , in a Community. These are hardliners bent on doing anything they can to confuse the Community, to further their Party.


“There is nothing to see here folks, move along, move along, just ignore them.”

Vote for Don Clement and Julie Gilman for Selectmen please and let’s put an end to this nonsense.


2 thoughts on “Brian Griset et al are so over

  1. Without any doubt Paul Scafadi,a true gentleman, and one on who the mantle of town father fits squarely.

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