The anticipation

is killing me. Who will the Newsletter endorse in our Community election process? Who will they saddle  us with, to ensure years of stories of Frank and Dennis, battling, together,arm in arm.  Ferreting  out all the monies being hidden by town employees in their budgets.

I can get all wound up, but then I realize something that I have told you before. I ask around,all the time, all year long. I have asked politicians, partygoers,men and women on the street”Did you read that story? Did you see that article? Have you ever visited the Patch news aggregator? Can you name the top officials in Town?

“Nope, but my taxes are too high, according to a guy  I heard talking at the McD’s today.”

“Have you tried that new burger?”

I  would  love to see the numbers, the  print subscription circulation, and the  site visitor count, excluding Frank’s visits.

When you get a newspaper and it has 30  of the same ad inserts, and it happens all the time. That was not a mistake by the stuffer, that was something else.

I remain very unsure about  the Community getting  a clear message,that’s why I am going to continue to hammer . I actually firmly believe that I know better than most. I freely admit that I know more than you and with that information have formed very strong opinions. If I was to sit down today and start typing I could and would blow your mind. It’s one of the perils of blogging to inform or entertain, you have to stay current.

I also know that  I do not want a steady diet  of such news, and will continue to believe that  time is short(for some even shorter)and this is not helpful to our Community.

I do understand the need for web sites to have hits, and papers to be printed.

Many things that have come to my attention have been handled quietly and effectively  by those I trust. I prefer  the two sitting Selectmen that work through these issues with gravitas, rather than bombast.

C’mon Frank, retire.The remaining team will be fine, I assure you.

The thought  of the two of them canoodling , Frank and Dennis at the table, it grinds me.

Please don’t let this happen, make  some calls to your busy neighbor, let’s all move forward .

Everyone  must vote.

During the candidate forum  I inquired as to what Mr Brady would cut. I asked him directly.

He had no specifics really, but felt he could save a grand here, a grand there.

“Quick guys hide those new shovels, we just got a call Frank and Dennis are coming our way”

I can’t wait to see my next property tax bill once they begin their watch.(used  watch, because Mr Brady was in the Coast Guard)

Our tax bills are going to plummet. I wish we could throw one of the rascals out now and get going, why wait?

“Nothing but blue skies” hum if you don’t know the words.

I can tell too that Dennis is a real statesman, just like Frank. I could feel the tone in his letter today. He will bust Stratham’s balls good during any water and sewer negotiations.

This is a real tough businessman. He ran a factory. I have to say I always felt the field was more important than the factory, and I have been in many factories, but his must have been state of the art.

Robots probably, Cloud based PLM software, cutting edge.

Forget the fact the Country just passed on a turn around businessman to lead us out of this morass, forget that.

There is not one retired guy in his late 70’s or 80’s sipping coffee at McDonalds that could not jump right back in the fray and get us back on track.

Nothing has changed at all in the last 20, 15, 10, 5 years.

“Your blinker has been on for 5 miles”.

“Oh sorry , just thinking about the  good ole days”

Forget  the whispers you heard and show up on March 12th to vote for our Community.

Vote for Don Clement and Julie Gilman and  let’s keep moving, forward.

This week I assisted two voters with  absentee ballots who called   to ask who to vote for,they are busy, like everyone, not really focused and headed out of town on business that week. If you also need assistance , give me a call.

I still can’t get over the photo Dennis Brady is using and the Newsletter actually published it!


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