This will be fast, busy day

This next few days will be busy with electioneering around our Community. You might see a knot of supporters for Don Clement and Julie, I will be there. When you drive by you might as a voter look over and think,

“Oh there’s Mike, there’s Eileen, there’s that single gentleman from Church” “He has a great voice”

“Honey , Timmy’s ( Timmy, funny, I meant Larson’s) soccer coach is supporting  Don too!

You would see people you probably know, maybe honk, (it’s more of  beep , right?) wave.

Well would you please, this weekend when driving past the Republicans check to see how many you know.

“Geez, that guy lives in Stratham I swear!”

I also was wondering  if this might occur in the sign gauntlet at the Talbot gym? I mean really  none of us know everyone in Town.

I was just wondering.

Check this out.

The demise of non-partisan local elections in Exeter.

Rockingham County Republican Committee

Brian Griset Chairman of the Exeter Town Republican Committee asked us to share this with you. If any of you can lend a hand it would be appreciated.

The Municipal Elections for most towns are next week. They are every bit as important as any other election. These are the people who determine how your town’s money is spent. Don’t forget to vote Tuesday March 12th.

Dennis Brady Supporters:

(1) We are in the last week of the election. We are planning on holding sign waves downtown on both Wednesday and Friday afternoons between 4-5 PM. Let’s give a final push getting Dennis’ name out there and showing his widespread support.

(2)This is a reach out for your help on Sunday, March 10th. We are looking for additional volunteers to make a simple phone call reminding all Republicans to vote on March 12th.

This past November 2,948 registered Republicans showed up at the polls to vote. 3,000 Republicans in Exeter! Who knew?

In our local Town Elections like the one coming up next week, we rarely have a TOTAL turnout of 3,000 voters. Taking a page from the Obama get out the vote, we want to urge as many Republicans to vote in this coming election as we can. Just showing up can make a huge difference.

So, if you have any time, even just a half hour, please plan on coming to my house to make some phone calls between the hours of 12 noon and 5PM. My address is 26 Cullen Way. It is located off Kingston Rd. and you can get directions on Google or just call me at 686-1139.

Please RSVP is you can attend.

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