3 thoughts on “results

  1. Mike,

    Thank you for all that you did to help Julie and Don and Paul and Laura (and a wonderful group on the Budget Recommendations Committee) to get elected yesterday. It was another great day for Exeter. I am looking forward to the next couple of years.


  2. I don’t think God had much to do with this. I do know by looking at the number of votes that unless the public gets out and votes the town employees will run these elections. This year my taxes have gone up at all 3 levels. Federal State and now local. I know this excites you but I just find it harder and harder to survive. Not to mention the water and sewer bills rising at an out of control rate. So gloat in your victory of sorts. I just wish this town would have some sympathy for the beleaguered tax payer. Each year I have less in my pocket to spend. I voted for Brady because I think a rubber stamp committee as you have described in your support, will not benefit me as a taxpayer. Property values go down and my taxes go up.
    Oh and on a side note, knowing you are so interested in your carbon footprint maybe you should dry dock that boat which is just an unnecessary burden on the planets already taxed eco-system.

    John G

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