I have not played since college, and don’t watch it either , but controversy is always interesting to me. I saw this comment on a  sports news site where outliers were railing and defending something that happened at the Players Championship.

“garcia is a crybaby he looked like he had invested in paddle boards, he needs to take his rear home and don’t come back.also all there foreigners need to stay home and not be given scholarships that could go to american kids.as they turn their back on america as soon as their done.”

That’s  a nice thing to say.

One of my many saved bookmarks came to mind. I have to  start posting those again.

From The Gazette Colorado Springs 1/16/2012

“The armed forces have enlisted nearly 70,000 non-citizens since the attacks of 9/11 and, as a group, their washout rate is much lower than that of American citizens who enlist, according CNA, a think tank that studied attrition data gathered by the Defense Manpower Data Center.”

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