Dear FFDers, Wanted to put a plug in for some of today’s offerings.. and then mention that the first of the year SOFT SHELL CRABS will be in the house manana. What with the N Atl species haddock, cod, flounder doing their spawning cycle, and areas closed to let them love in peace, suppliers in Boston are using the Icelandic Fisheries to get us through til say mid June or so when fish return to eating and getting fat . yes, we do all want fat fish . My mantra is” fat means moisture and flavor.” and from fish is also means HEALTH. The fish near the top of the Omega 3 density is the King Salmon. I’m going to put him at the top of what ‘s special today:

FRESH WILD KING SALMON….first of the year, only $22.95llb

Domestic RED GROUPER Fla.landed ..


ICELANDIC COD AND HADDOCK….( cod huge / top quality)

DAYBOAT CAPE COD sea scallops

GA FRESH lg SHRIMP (chem free)

SCOTTISH ATL SALMON… hormone /antibiotic free


Tomorrow as mentioned: the Soft Crabs…MORE SWORD and if I can find some affordable TUNA , I’ll bring some back…and anything else you might like, if you get back to me and let me know before heading down in the am. Not to steal anyone else’s marketing slogan, but special orders don’t really upset us..too much!

As usual we’ll have the freshest of produce such as : asparagus , zucchini, mangoes, vidalia onions, garnet yams..ORGANIC RED LEAF.

We have Karimah’s Lebanese spreads and should have her fresh bread to accompany..nice holdover snack when no wanting to rush to the stove after work.

OH, and LOBSTERS from Maine in May are quite possibly the tastiest, though they don’t make a bad one, that are available throughout the year. Got them too!! and we’ll try and have steamers regularly as the summer comes upon us.

Thanks for your time….Fred