spin? or work smart ,hard and fast

Sequestration in my view was not the paramount factor in the  late but correct  decision to scrap the USS Miami. It was the extent of fire and smoke damage.

Time to move on.

Puget Sound, Norfolk and Pearl Harbor are very experienced  in ship breaking, that’s what they do. I don’t understand why beyond fuel removal, the Miami is not made tow ready and hauled out.

Here is a message from the Commander of Puget Sound sent to his people on July 6th 2013. Because one can, and the Commander seems like a quite open fellow, you  could  check later and see if those ships he has designated critical  get out of the yard.

Here’s hoping!

I am struck by the Commanders bootstraps jargon, as this week I had read a piece claiming we had lost our bootstraps.

My Father often would use the phrase to end moaning, to end a wobbly decision process.

“You just have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move forward!”

It worked.

Instead of a protracted period  of moaning from local politicians and PNSY, they all might emulate the spirit evident in Commander Williamson’s  directive.

The scrap decision  was correct. It was a good decision for the Country and any poor soul that would have had to crew that boat.


Urgent message from Captain Williamson



Attention all PSNS & IMF workers–

We are at a pivotal point. We actually stand at a crossroad where we can make a decision and take control, or do we wait for others to make a decision outside our control.

As you all know, we have been exempted from the furlough which begins for our local partners in July. We were exempt for ONE reason, that the thought of missing delivery of ships was unacceptable. Now that we understand that, we MUST do something different.

We have budget challenges that will continue for the next several years. We will likely face a furlough decision again. We want that decision to be the same one as this year. Many of you may or may not be aware that due to the hiring freeze, we must move work out many months since we don’t have all the workers here to do that work. I am working with my staff to get the hiring freeze lifted as soon as we can, but that will not help us until at least January. So what are we going to do?

We have moved work out since we are unable to field enough mechanics to do the work, so we must change our make-up and prove we deserve the exemption, taking that decision for next year out of the hands of others.

We are going to rely on the talent of this command to step up and earn the trust we were given with the furlough.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY–we are going to make an all out effort on delivering USS John C. Stennis, USS Kentucky, USS Jimmy Carter, USS Connecticut IRR with who we have in the command, the entire command! All trades, codes and support organizations.

STARTING TODAY–we will be doing the following and it will be in effect for the next 6 months, until 19 December:

Taking volunteers for anyone that used to carry a toolbag to go back to the waterfront and do that-this includes EVERYONE in any code, trade, shop…We need you to step up, go to your boss and tell them you are ALL IN! We need you to do this immediately.

Taking volunteers from the engineering codes to go work specific strings of critical chain work on our waterfront projects.

Taking volunteers for Water Striders.

Taking volunteers for new engineers to work in the shops, helping and learning what the shops need.

Taking volunteers to potentially man up additional shifts. Looking to see if we can take advantage of any AWS, CWS/J shift to maximize coverage. Identifying personnel that can relieve the Code 133/135 backlog.

We will be conducting an evaluation of managers on the waterfront and reducing the number if they do not support the identified work and adding focus where it needs be.

We will be evaluating the supervisor to worker ratio to ensure we do not have supervisors with too FEW workers.

We will be evaluating the work on the projects to determine who could help either in the form of a qualified mechanic or YY labor.

We have tasked the shops to identify how many helpers they can take via YY help or mechanics.

We have tasked C/900 to identify very quick training that could occur to help people transition back to the tool bags.

We are identifying training that can be extended or done right now so we keep the workers on the waterfront.

We will work with both Unions on MOAs to ensure we go about this the correct way.

Let me give you the bottom line here–WE NEED YOU!! We must do something different so we can do what we have been asked to do. We have an opportunity to make BIG changes. At the very least, we owe it to the Navy and the nation to try!

Employees may be detailed to the new positions but always with ensuring we protect the employee’s well being concerning things like career ladder promotions, or step increases. I will look out for you and ensure we are doing what is right.

Thank you and please see your boss immediately to volunteer to help.

Be Safe, Be Engaging, and now more than ever, Be Part of History!

Captain Steve Williamson


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