good news

We are not going to move on Syria, we are going to have some time to reflect, count to ten, good.

The President is safe, he wanted to move, we get our voices heard, and Congress would be pilloried if they gave their assent.

The President did not blink, or back down. He responded to a roar from us, plain citizens the World over, that have had enough.

Please call or email our congressional delegation  to express your support of Peace.

I can feel a tidal wave coming, we are not just tired of war and its misery, we realize it leads nowhere .

Gunboat diplomacy could be a thing of the past, and that is very troublesome to many that make their livelihood on a constant state of disruption the World over.

Maybe now we can begin to employ Statecraft over Warcraft in our dealings around the World.

Phew, enjoy the holiday!


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