One Hundred Thousand Poets(and Musicians) for Change.

candleFrom Bob Moore,

Poets, musicians, musicians for change, poets for anything and everything else that can be summoned with words, enthusiasts for change, for the humble and for the not so humble of heart:

We’re holding a 3rd annual One Hundred Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change event tomorrow in the Parish Hall of the Exeter UU Church. This is the same location as the First Friday Coffeehouse. The event features many poets, musicians, all very talented and willing to share their art and insight with you to provoke and inspire. Founder of 100 TPC, Michael Rothenberg, has connected with hundreds, if not thousands of cities and villages across the planet, and they will be holding similar events tomorrow in an effort to promote social change.

Events will take place from Guatemala to Egypt, from Chicago to Hong Kong with the hope of waking the hearts of those that may feel like we’ve been treading water for too long, and are not sure what to do with current conundrums such as the state of the environment, access to health care, the strange system of food in this country, the treatment of those that are still working to secure equal rights under the law, and other important issues.

We hope you can come and listen and cheer and learn and meet the artists, and discover what moves them to write and perform their works. Tomorrow, the event is once again hosted by John-Michael Albert, former Portsmouth Poet Laureate, and the author of many books of poetry and on poetry including editor of “The 2008 and 2010 Poet’s Guide to New Hampshire”, “Two-Ply and Extra Sensitive”, “Vivaldi for Breakfast”, and “The Light and Air of Our Work”. The schedule of performers for tomorrow is looking like this with a start time of about 12:00 noon:

One Hundred Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change

Saturday, September 28th, Exeter UU Church, Parish Hall 12-4PM

12:00-12:10 TBA 2:04-2:11 Gordon Lang

12:10-12:20 Chris George 2:11-2:18 Cheryl Cizewski

12:20-12:30 Leroy Jones 2:18-2:25 Barbara Bald

12:30-12:40 John Perrault 2:25-2:32 Kelley White

12:40-12:50 Pat O’Brien 2:32-2:39 Beth Fox

12:50-12:53 Cleone Graham 2:39-2:46 Charlotte Cox

12:53-1:00 Julie Dickson 2:46-2:53 Jonathan Stoker

1:00-1:07 Rosemary Staples 2:53-3:00 Andrew Periale

1:07-1:14 Bedell Phillips 3:00-3:07 S. Stephanie

1:14-1:21 Dave McNicholas 3:07-3:15 Mark Decarteret

1:21-1:28 Joann Snow Duncanson 3:15-3:22 Bill Burtis

1:28-1:35 Jimmy Pappas 3:22-3:29 Nancy Jean Hill

1:35-1:42 Ed Pacht 3:29-3:30 Break

1:42-1:49 Chip Bergeron 3:30-3:37 Diana Durham

1:49-1:56 Pat Parnell 3:37-3:44 John Simon

1:56-2:03 Barbara Benham 3:44-3:51 Lindsey Coombs

2:03-2:04 Break 3:51-4:00 John-Michael Albert

One Hundred Thousand Poets(and Musicians) for Change.

Poets, Artists, Musicians performing original and known works that celebrate the energy of music and the spoken word, and strengthen community by fostering sustainability and social fostering sustainability and social change.

Hosted by Former Portsmouth Poet Laureate: John-Michael Albert

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter

12 Elm Street, Parish Hall, Exeter, NH

Saturday, September 28th 12-4 PM

Sponsored in part by:

The Social Justice Committee of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter, The Poetry Society of New Hampshire,New Hampshire Veterans for Peace, and Seacoast Peace Response

For more information:

Also, please visit:

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