Portsmouth Avenue Detour

On Wednesday November 6th the detour will be in place and out bound traffic from our Town Center will be directed out High Street to Holland Way and then , well , you can do what you want, go where you want.

I was going to write a long post on this project, but so few people showed up tonight and what will be will be.

Maps, I even had a photo of a ball joint killer storm sewer grate on Green Hill Rd and instructions on how to avoid it.

I lamely  spoke up tonight  to say “well perhaps we can all be a bit more courteous during the detour, drive smart.”

A gentleman in the audience  really scoffed at that suggestion.  I think it was the fellow with the several years running home reconstruction project on Green Hill Rd. If anyone knows about the state of community courtesy, he’s the guy.

We have to replace the sewer line, there’s no getting around that .

You might adopt my plan.

My plan is  to avoid the project area during construction times.

I am going to let the commuters go, people with appointments, school buses. I will not be ducking down to Walgreens for some dental floss during the height of the rush.

Auntie will be receiving her coffee a bit earlier each morning.

7am-5pm are the work hours.

They will open the road after the days work is done each day.

This detour will be in place to at least December 15th


UPDATE 10/31/13

IMG_0245I just had a call from Doug Eastman our Building Inspector regarding this bone shaker which he too has experienced.

Doug is a regular visitor to the ETC.

It is being reworked by DPW today.

Thanks Doug!

Thanks also to Jay Perkins of DPW and the road crew.


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