Just over there

Just beyond McDonald’s on Portsmouth Ave is a great tidal marsh. It is drained by Wheelwright Creek into the Squamscott River then on to Great Bay, to the Piscataqua  River then empties to the Ocean.

I am posting a few photos from my last trip down the Squamscott this season.

Doozie will often comment on the uniformity of the grass height as we drift by,she prefers the color of the marsh in Fall. It’s quite a thing to ponder. There are in fact taller grasses closer to the seaward side, a low marsh and a high.

The grass is Spartina alterniflora(smooth cordgrass)

Marshes are key to controlling run off though I will bet that has limits.

These snaps were  taken on the Squamscott River, you are gazing East, to Portsmouth Avenue. In one photo in the cleft across the marsh you can just  make out a light fixture which is about where a new commercial project has been approved.

These are just some photos of a different perspective. So maybe when you are riding down Portsmouth Ave you can think about what is right beyond the strip.


IMG_0625The mouth of Wheelwright Creek



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