Community project

I have to replace my camera, and will, but in the meantime I would suggest this to you that own a good camera.

Use it.

I just borrowed Nancy Merrill’s history of Exeter, 1888-1988. I was doing some research for an upcoming post.

Her edition is a very good read and accompanied by some terrific photos, I wish there were more.

The Dam will be coming down and right now, moving forward  it would behoove us to get as much coverage(photos) as we can of the Exeter River today, until  the big event. Then continue this photo project as the River rediscovers itself and reveals to us it’s new form  So if you are a rambler , take your camera along and make an effort to get a shot of the same area over time. Remember to date correctly and geotag your snap.

I believe that this record will be vital for research as well as history. Perhaps we could set up a community  upload site for the raw photos. I would take suggestions on how best to accomplish this and file procedures

So, if your looking for a great Christmas gift get a good camera and forget the Iphone pics and dive into this project with me, take it over! Let’s get things moving !



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