Keith Goodrich

I was putting the boat to bed this morning when I received a text that Keith Goodrich passed away last night. I called the texter back and  we shared our sadness at  the news and  our most recent dealings with Keith. Keith had just finished some significant tree work for the fellow. I had  a great conversation with Keith last week, and sent him packing with one of Doozies lasagne from the freezer.

There is no better lasagne.

Keith was from time to time  my neighbor for many years when he was tending to his Mother next door, Gwen, who only passed away last Winter. I have spent quiet hours with Keith out back in the woods , in Winter, working our annual brush burn.He was an extraordinary woodsman. The artfully stacked pyre would blaze down to a pile of ash by morning.

Not a stick left.

Once we had  baked potatoes in the coals, of course.

I am really going to miss his exuberance, his unbridled joy with each day.

I am going to miss him.

My most sincere condolences to his family and friends.


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