Dam Removal Success Stories

I have a file produced by American Rivers dated 1999. If you wanted to acquaint yourself with the issue of dam removal these case studies might be helpful. I often look for material of recent vintage but a report from 1999 could be more useful. The discussion surrounding our own Great? dam removal seems to be turning  on what the Exeter River would look like with the dam removed.

It will look different.

It will be alive, not a dead pool.

I was discussing  this issue of appearance with  a pal the other evening and we both agreed on this fact. When people start in on the issue of appearance from what perspective  are they commenting? The Exeter River only reveals itself briefly as it wends it’s way to the Sea.

The view from the  String Bridge, the Great Bridge, Gilman Park?

Where is there a view of more than 100 yards of River really? There is no grand view that will be lost through removal.

I have never seen flotillas of boats on the River and walking along  the Academy trails is one of the loneliest places in Town.

The banks are not crowded with fishermen.

I am looking for alewives and this issue of the appearance is nothing but a red herring.

Please support Dam Removal and restoration of the Exeter River and let’s get this project going.

I have lots of photos of the draw down of the River for you to view here on the ETC. You might also select one of the stories contained in the American Rivers report  and then do some research on  how that individual river has found it’s way once the impediment to natural flow has been removed.



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