The atmosphere in the Nowak room today was invigorating, I am glad I was able to attend this morning. Really, we are all enjoying the frank discourse and Christmas truce, to get something vital accomplished for the entire Community.

The Community could use just 3 more sets of hands to put things right on the Exeter River and  resolve  this dam deficiency . The no vote  has not absolved the Community of this task, addressing the order of the Dam Bureau.

The only viable option is dam removal, the monies are within our reach, and this decision will be placed before the Community in March.

It is key that we deliver on Jan 14, next Wednesday,  to  Town Clerk the signatures of as many residents as we can muster.

Signing the petition will serve to demonstrate wide support to those agencies reviewing our grant request.

It is after all, a competition for funds.

Let’s put our best foot forward and rise to this challenge!

Don’t wait for a knock on the door. Call me 686-1780 0r michaelrobertlambert@gmail

I’ll come right over to secure your signature.

Let’s do this.

“Ok what’s the address ?”

“Louisburg Circle, the yellow cape on the right and …”

“What, pick up your pizza too?”


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