Stand up

Will you sign the Community petition today to be used to signal the grant agency of Community support? The vote looks  good for removal, of course, but we need that 75% funding. What a shame to lose that!

This is not my petition, not Brian Griset’s, it’s yours. I don’t even thank people when they sign.

We turn in the names on Tuesday.You want to be on that list so make it happen.

Print the form and drop it in my mailbox at 18 Locust or Visit Blue Ribbon Cleaners, they have one, Fresh Fish Daley, Top Copy,Gerry’s and Romeos on Lincoln St.
You can find a place to sign.

Print it, sign it yourself and get in line at the Town Clerks window, now that would be very cool.

I know who has signed, that would be quite a photo. Better yet a video slowly panning the line.

The cops, trying to keep order.

I can dream right?

The Selectmen have agreed to meet on Monday  morning for a special meeting to  try and rectify this stumble in “process”.

The Community must have the opportunity to vote, the Board must support the findings of the 700 page study and do no harm in our pursuit of funding.

My hope is that we get this train back on track and we move forward together. I have   mounting concerns about  many projects on the horizon if we can’t do this together, despite our differences  on other issues.

There  is agreement, like the eye in a hurricane , the study has been completed, the authors all agree, there is funding available, the 2 year window of removal can be met, and this is bigger than any one or three of us.

The planets have  aligned.


686 1780

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