It’s a fact #1

The petition drive was and will continue to be a great exercise in education and commitment. You can still sign to have your name included in the grant application documents.

I have been in close contact with Brian Griset as you can imagine.

The other evening I was discussing the swamp outback of his place. I was on Bing, “birdseye” while we chatted, looking right down on his home.

I was doing a bit of research and he was most helpful as we chatted.

Today I had to dash into Boston to grab a date book for my Mother at the MFA. I did it just after the photo op downtown. My mother has kept a journal for many years. I had neglected to order it online when she asked so since we are having lunch soon, I had to grab it.

It was the last one in the gift shop without sending someone to the stock room and my window for a quick turn around was closing. The rain was gruesome headed home.

Before I head to Boston I always check the traffic, and since the Fenway  was the destination my eye wandered to the Emerald Necklace on the map.

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted ( whose firm designed the Swasey Parkway) it’s a series of gardens and paths and parks that extend  all the way to the Arboretum.

Exeter  too has a necklace of sorts ,of wetlands. They will always be wetlands and the dam removal will have no great material effect on them. The Seacoast is loaded with wetlands.


So , back to Brian  Griset and the phone call. I said something about Brickyard Park  that heavily  used youth athletic field which was in view on my screen.

Very quietly Brian tells  me “I donated that land to the Town”

It is Community  knowledge and rightly heralded from time to time the gift of Mr Holloway for our Rec Fields at the Community pool.

I could find few that knew this Fact#1. concerning  this gift of Mr Griset.


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