torture or fun?


Bailey is 14 and on his hind legs, pretty steady too. He has not been out for an extended stroll in some time given the weather.

I stopped buying doggie treats 2 years ago and we switched him over to baby carrots. He was overweight and it was affecting his gait. Oh he is fine now, it was just a couple of pounds but for a Cairn or any small breed , that is huge. You should see this dog go turbo in the house ,it’s wild. He can do three circuits at high speed!

He is mad for them, the baby carrots.He will roll over too  spinning like a Tasmanian devil, the cartoon variety.

I will have a few too.

crunch crunch crunch

The  Vine carrots send him over the edge, I have to even him out with a Demoulas one now and again.

He can tell I know, kinda looks at me, at the carrot, there’s a  little hesitation.

I was out of carrots so on a run to Exeter Paint I ducked into On The Vine for a fresh bag. Just a warning, if you open that Vine link you will be busting a move.

Exeter Paint really helped me out on  this project with a special product,Peel Bond, for a tough sand ceiling.

This is the perfect time for interior painting projects whether you hire someone or do it yourself. Peter Kennedy  just finished a significant project. He told me about another product , a bonding primer, that I am using on a rock maple dresser.I usually refinish and this will be our only painted piece so the primer was key. I had it tinted light gray on the advice of Barb Zywien who is advising us again on colors. It looks very good so far.


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