great bay kids

I plan on sharing my position on this matter but wanted to begin with  a history lesson. This link is to begin the truth  process on this warrant article to better inform us all on this decision. I am posting  this as the leg up for Appleseeds had slipped from my memory. Some would draw the lines in this  child care debate  between an independent business and a non profit. My view is that this is somewhat blurred.

I am not going to consider any diminution of Appleseeds head count, and wait list, by Great Bay’s move. There are wait lists everywhere and attracting young professionals to our area literally rests on the availability of quality, affordable child care.

That’s just the way it is.

Business development, a superb local workforce of residents, neighborhood upgrades as local housing stock is purchased and rehabilitated. This is happening now and we have to keep that ball rolling.

So, priority #1 is to keep that facility in our Community, not anywhere else, not close by,  or just down the road.

It must be here in Exeter.

There is a great deal to discuss and many players  and lots of competing interests.

I will explore them all and then  you will be able to make a considered choice  in March.

EXETER — A day care facility designed to serve about 100 local kids moved one step closer to fruition last week when Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and her Executive Council approved a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the project.


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