confusion control

While we wait for the next edition of the ENL and what it may bring to inform or stir things up, here is some information on Great Bay Kids.

I receive emails, phone calls from time to time on the issues of the day, and this weekend this one came in.  I guess some actually think GBKC is not a non profit agency. That because of multiple locations , or the oomph behind them they must be some sort of juggernaut private concern. I just shake my head , but here is the link to read all about their history, and their status and that they offer scholarships to those in need. Please read it and be sure to correct anyone that you hear misspeaking on the subject.

This is a top notch Community based organization with many years of experience that has evolved and grown to be a key structural component of the Seacoast economy.

This is true for all childcare services, there are many models being utilized, to include grandparents, and home based services.

It is a good thing, for the Community, to make every effort to  shore up this vital service, to insure our Community members feel good, feel secure, as they go off to work each day.That our Communities  children are cared for in facilities specifically designed for this purpose, safe and sound.

Please do your part by voting YES on the question of a lease for GBKC.


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