2014-04-21 07.57.01

We do need more bike racks in Town and I know it’s hard to find a spot. This one was moved a few times and even this location is not optimal.
This is a perfect visual statement and I doff my hat to the hooligan.


I was zipping past the boat ramp drive and caught something( probably the whirligig) out of the corner of my eye. I swung it back around and took that photo above and did not see a placard attached explaining the installation. It was only today that I spotted another one in front of Town Hall , got out and read the details. I thought the boat ramp rack was a one off.

Here is some  information on the bike rack initiative lifted from an email passed to me just now by Lara Bricker

“Exeter NH Transition Town” has partnered with the Town of Exeter Parks & Rec department to bring an Earth Day Art Installation to the four public bike racks that the town installed last year in the downtown. Phillips Exeter Academy’s Sustainability department wanted to host a bike rack also, so they installed a new rack in their mini park on the corner of Water and Main Streets. The art consists of a wind turbine and a solar sunflower with a banner strung between that reads “More Bikes = Less Gas”. The global Transition Town movement seeks to lower the carbon footprint of a town while creating local resilience and sustainability. Exeter NH Transition Town has created a public Facebook page, which can be seen by anyone even if they dont “do ” Facebook here:
The ENHTT web page has almost daily posts about the green and sustainable events happening in Exeter in the areas of local food, alternate energy, public transportation, local/sustainable businesses and more. Want to know who is selling fresh eggs out of their barn? Who is making a greenhouse in their back yard and how they are doing it? If you can recycle that couch? When the public meetings will be held to discuss the Exeter River? Check the ENHTT Facebook page and you may find the answer!
ENHTT hopes to host a Solar Awareness night this June with ReVision Solar, NH Solar Garden and a representative from municipal solar. Look for more info upcoming soon. For now, the Bike-Rack Awareness art displays will remain for one month, and the town is looking into where to install a few more bike racks next year. The current locations, listed on the Parks & Rec webpage include: Town Hall, Town Office, Public Boat Ramp, Library, and Public Swimming Pool on High St. (There is also a public bike rack at Hannaford’s Market on Portsmouth Ave.) So, you no longer have to chain your bike to a tree in downtown Exeter, please use a spiffy new rack!
So now you know “the rest of the story”

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