tale from the woods

I received a note today from my neighbor Dave O’Hearn that I simply had to share.


Hi Mike,
On April 28 my brother in law shot a 22 pound Maine mountain gobbler. When we were cleaning it we checked the birds crop and found it full of Jack in the Pulpit bulbs. I planted them at camp in Maine and they came up. See below.
I also have some in our side yard from a gobbler I shot years and years ago. Mine are huge now and very mature. You just never know in the world of wildlife.

The Jack in the Pulpits came up. These were taken from my BIL’s 22 pound opening day Maine gobblers crop and transplanted. Three out of about six sprouted.

How cool is that?

Memories that grow out of the ground.

jack in pulpitVery cool indeed!


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