Linda and I have been taking a walk most mornings quite early and this last Sunday was no exception as we were planning on a boat ride.

The first ride across the Great Bay this season.

When we arrived on the Swasey Parkway at the pavillion I spotted something over my boat that perplexed me, it was hovering. This is at some distance and I really had no clue what it was, perhaps my angle of view was confusing my eyes. Then it zoomed straight up and away, to a tremendous height.

2014-06-08 06.47.10Now  we were   much closer to the Phillips  Academy boathouse and from above one could detect a faint whine , and I just then spotted the human controller at the boat ramp.

A drone.

We went over to check it out and there were two squad cars there too, so initially I thought this might be something the police were testing .Nope, it was just a  hobbyist and we stopped our walk for a bit to pepper him with questions.

2014-06-08 06.47.20The controller was quite simple and when  following up later on the web  I read how one can seriously upgrade the controller, with a video screen , a camera gimbal control, you could really max out the rig.

This gent was employing a fixed GoPro camera set to take a pic on 5 sec intervals. The drone has a flight time of 10 -15 minutes and blinks a red light when the battery is running low. If it loses contact with the controller it defaults to a home program and returns to it’s launch point. You don’t have to land it, just bring it in close and grab the handle.

2014-06-08 06.48.43

2014-06-08 06.50.18This is not a toy, the design and housing are quite robust, upon lifting it you would say “gee this is heavy”

I asked him to send me a couple of his  aerial photos and just got them this morning.

boat hover

town hoverIt is fascinating to explore the many uses for which these are being employed.

It would seem that about a 1000.00 is required between the drone and a camera, though you could spend a lot more. It’s not at all about the flying as the operator allowed is rather boring since the flight model is limited, it is all about the images produced.