First Friday Coffeehouse Aug 1 2014

From Bob Moore


Folk and blues lovers, poets, musicians, folks recovering from inclement weather, others recovering from late nights and early mornings at a summer folk festival (or two), folks using music and poetry for medicinal purposes:


Hope you’re all doing well. Much tumult in the news, the weather is strange, hope it finds its own equilibrium. A lot of unease on the planet as it stands, and here we are, some of us sitting, standing, lying down, looking up, maybe seeing dark clouds, maybe seeing a rainbow after the passing of the dark clouds. “A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall”, if it hasn’t been falling already, so find yourself a shelter to ride out the storms, metaphorical and otherwise, and don’t forget to take a good dose of poetry and music and call me in the morning. In case you need your prescription filled: Here’s an old Little Feat number that might help:



This month, The First Friday Coffeehouse will be held on Friday August 1st. The coffeehouse will be run as an all open-mike coffeehouse this month. It will be held in the Community Room, and will start at 7 PM. Hope you can make it. Donations gratefully accepted. Bring a dessert if you are so willing and able, otherwise just bring yourself.


Come on down, bring a poem or an instrument, and let’s drive away some of the questionable karma with some good vibrations.


Peace and good will,



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