Seacoast Family Promise

I just drove out to 27 Hampton Rd to take a photo of this house/office. I was familiar with the building as my Aunt had her blood drawn there a few times, when a physician was located there. The building is located directly across from Guinea Road. On the way out I passed retirement facilities, Nursing Homes, a day care, lots of medical offices, there was once a hospice on the road. It would not be a stretch at all to label this area a health services district.

I also took a photo of a the sign for the day care center that was formerly located on the site, that was open from 7am to 6pm.

2014-09-14 17.00.11

day care sign This Tuesday evening 9/16/14 @ 7pm the Zoning Board will be discussing an application for use of the building by one of our premier local  health services. You might consider attending the meeting to voice your support for the proposal as it is truly a wonderful organization doing important work.

Seacoast Family Promise.

They are all about building up healthy families and assisting them in finding a way home.

I have some documents below from Seacoast Family Promise detailing their operation and capital campaign.

Get involved in a good thing!

Think of your fellow man
lend him a helping hand
put a little love in your heart.
You see it’s getting late
oh please don’t hesitate
put a little love in your heart.
And the world will be a better place
and the world will be a better place
for you and me
you just wait and see


For over a decade, Seacoast Family Promise (SFP) has been there to support families experiencing homelessness and living in poverty to find stable housing and regain and maintain their self-sufficiency. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit relies on a unique model, pioneered nationally by Family Promise and successful in 41 states.
The SFP model differs from other local services for homeless individuals in that it ONLY serves families with children. These families must be free of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and untreated mental illness to qualify for the SFP program.
This model utilizes existing faith communities of all denominations as overnight hosts on a rotating basis, bringing families into the community and rebuilding social capital. More than 86% of the families SFP has served have moved on to stable housing. An impressive statistic made possible by a powerful and caring network of individuals and organizations! Now in its second decade, SFP seeks its own stable home in which to continue its work.

The SFP Day Center in Stratham is an integral part of the program, providing a home away from home for families seven days a week, 8 AM to 5 PM, with professional staff to assist families in rebuilding their lives. At the Day Center, staff and volunteers work with parents on job hunting, budgeting, job training, educational advancement, credit counseling, and charting their future. Children play, do homework, nap, and snack at the Day Center when they are not in school, camp, or day care.
SFP currently provides all of its daytime services in a crowded space of 1,450 square feet that does not fully meet the needs of the families it serves, or its staff and volunteers. SFP has outgrown its current “one room plus” home and needs a larger facility to provide a full spectrum of services for current guest families and its growing group of former guests.
SFP has developed a strategic plan that addresses the increasing prevalence of homelessness among families, the organization’s leadership position in the community, and the programs that will meet this population’s future needs. A key component of the plan is the acquisition of a more suitable facility in which SFP can deliver services to families, both when they are guests in the SFP program and on a supportive basis once they are in stable housing.

A New Decade: A New Day Center
SFP’s vision of a new handicapped-accessible Day Center will better serve SFP guest families and allow staff to be more effective. Guest families will more efficiently access SFP services and more quickly re-enter the broader community. Guests will have space to store more of their belongings, access to private meeting rooms for counseling, a kitchen space where they can learn to prepare healthy meals, a separate sick room when they are ill, nap space for babies and young children, and — most important, but often overlooked — room to breathe during what is an extremely stressful time. Families that have made the transition to stable housing may return to the Day Center for additional mentoring and support.
The new Day Center will be in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire, in a safe and convenient location near the host congregations, viable economic opportunities, and public transportation.
Our goal is to raise $500,000 to acquire and outfit a new Day Center.
Approximate breakdown of goal:
Purchase new Day Center $335,000
Retrofit new space $ 50,000
Furnish and update technology $ 50,000
Reserve Fund $ 65,000
Total cost $500,000
By raising the funds for a new Day Center up front through donations by individuals, businesses, faith communities, community organizations, and foundations, SFP will maintain fiscal stability.
SFP’s Campaign for a New Day Center

The SFP’s Campaign for a New Day Center is well underway. Based on conversations with current supporters and community leaders, along with the research and planning of the SFP board and staff, we are confident we can meet the goal of finding a new home and funding that home by the end of 2015.
We are grateful for the counsel and insights of our friends, faith communities, business partners, charitable foundations, and community leaders as we prepare for our dynamic future.
We hope you will join us to bring SFP into a bright new future.

SFP’s Campaign for a New Day Center Naming Opportunities
The Seacoast Family Promise Day Center Campaign has various opportunities for creating a named gift that will bear your legacy in perpetuity and support the programs of Seacoast Family Promise (SFP), a 501(c)(3) serving families with children experiencing homelessness. Your generosity will ensure that SFP continues to help local families as they work toward self-sufficiency.
Naming Opportunities Levels
Day Center Campus $150,000
Family Activity Room $75,000
Children’s Outdoor Play Area $50,000
Family Technology Center $50,000 Taken
Family Reading Room $50,000 Taken
Nursery $35,000 Taken
Family Kitchen $35,000
Offices (multiple naming opportunities) $25,000 1 Taken
Family Safe Storage Room $15,000
Day Center Gardens (multiple naming opportunities) $15,000 2 taken
Family Benches, Outdoor (multiple naming opportunities) $10,000
Tribute Wall Listing $5,000
Our Tribute Wall will pay tribute to those who help make the new Day Center a reality with campaign donations at the $5,000 level or above.

One thought on “Seacoast Family Promise

  1. Mike, thank you so much for the encouraging words about our program. As the Executive Director for the past eight years I can certainly attest to the fact that SFP families are just like you and I; regular families who have come across hard times for a variety of reasons. If my family were homeless and needing assistance I would certainly rather come to a shelter program like SFP. With over 900 volunteers a year to give encouragement, support, and mentoring this program is effective and very cost effective.
    Family homelessness is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. The children of these families need to maintain their education, thrive both nutritionally and developmentally, and know that there is hope for them to have a bright future and remain with the family unit. Without this I fear that we will have a generation of children from homeless families that have fallen through the cracks.
    I hope that folks will come out to support our program. SFP is very open door and I welcome all visitors. Please contact us for more information.

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