This is an actual update! It’s faster, I  actually like the typing prompts, and the camera flash is working now, not intermittently.


I did not care for my recent contacts showing up in the app switcher and thought this was going to require another update from Apple. I see this am  some are up in arms over the loss of the camera roll too. If all your precious photos are on your phone you got a real problem and really need to address that with Dropbox  or Flicker or something else.

I still primarily use a Dell desktop as I enjoy sitting at a desk , a large monitor,a real keyboard, the Ipad and Iphone are extras really.


Have you ever been asked by your child “Why are you doing it that way Dad?” Then they take your device or push you away from the keyboard and bang there “it ” is ?

These devices in most cases are not being utilized at all to their full potential and we pay a bundle for them and the services to make them connect.

This am on CNET I found the settings  fix  for the recent contacts annoyance,as well as many other tips. Most of us would do well to sit down, allot some real time, and view a few tutorials to make sure we are using these wonderful devices to their full potential .

I would also suggest that all of ones privacy settings are checked.



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