too bad

The hearing tonight before the ZBA on the Seacoast Family Promise day program will be conducted in the multipurpose room at the Exeter Public Library. This venue is not equipped to broadcast the meeting live to Channel  22. It would be a good thing if the meeting could be recorded for later viewing. I am not sure if provisions are being made for that purpose. If a decision is made tonight  it won’t really matter.

The Nowak Room at the Town Office and the Morrisette Room at the High School are our only live tv venues.

This significant public meeting regarding Seacoast Family Promise might have benefited from selecting a venue that provided live tv coverage. It would seem that scheduling issues between various Boards and the prospect of a large crowd drove this decision.

The camera has a definite moderating effect on the level of discourse in a small Community. I mean really, do you want to be recorded as one who railed against apple pie?

Ok, not all the time (some folks dislike pie, prefer cake) but on this sensitive issue, helping others get a leg up, making room for the less fortunate in our Community, the camera would have been helpful.


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