The weather forecast is not good at all for the overnight, ice.

Get home early as you can and stay put.

On a very positive note let me share  a Christmas tree story.

Doozie did  not accompany me on the tree buying trip this year, she was very busy on Monday.

I was back in a jiff with a very nice tree, it went right in the stand topped off with water.

The bottom had been cut by the tree guy moments before, on Epping Rd.

It was not taking water all week and I was a bit worried about it making the full season.

Today as I was placing the lights it was dropping needles at a furious rate.

I consulted with Doozie and told her that maybe her not accompanying me on the annual trip made for bad karma.

I made the call to the tree lot and within minutes the doorbell was ringing.

He agreed as we both stared at the pile of needles on the floor this was a tree that for whatever reason, was kaput.

He invited us to drop over and select a replacement .

Doozie was in the shotgun seat this time.

The first tree was very sweet,there was broad agreement all around.

The second tree however is the sweetest.

Get your jingle on.