“You know traffic studies are all lies”

That’s an unattributed quote from a Town Father and it’s really true. We nod in agreement though to the studies presented at Planning/Zoning Boards  wherever you live. Unless of course you actually drive that route, live next door, or have some sense.


Planning Boards nod, as these studies are proffered by a consultant, who did a study employed by a firm whose business is just that, traffic studies.

Traffic impact is not a simple two adults , 2 cars, 4 trips back and forth to work. UPS trucks, service vehicles, do these folks have any friends? Errands.

We have approved two large apartment complexes on Epping Rd, at least one of about 160 units is the “over 55 variety” That is such a joke, that designation.

Despite the warnings of Peter Francese  the Town still has taken no action to limit this building activity and now  what should be an industrial corridor (Epping Rd) will be saddled with more trips. Epping Rd long the subject of charrettes is being chopped up and will end up neither this nor that, just  a mess.

The Route 11A/ Columbus Ave/Epping Rd intersection which is horrible and unsafe has yet to be addressed , yet the approvals continue unabated. The house on the corner when it was for sale years ago should have been been bought by the Town and razed to fix that 111A mess. The Centennial Drive intersection on Epping Rd needs a traffic light for Cobham Inc shift changes. Now a tennis club is going in on Centennial Drive, if it happens, it’s quite expensive.  Have you ever been out near the High School when school is over? The State refused to build a traffic light at that location. So now a HS employee is out there standing in the road stopping traffic.

Oh well.

Organic planning such as this, just letting it happen is wrong minded and will do harm to the future of the Epping Road corridor.


I have a suggestion that would be helpful to me and perhaps many others that are flipping around the TV dial(dial, funny) and find a meeting of one of these boards on Channel 22.

They can talk for 30 minutes or more and you will have no idea at all what project they are discussing. So I will bet many continue surfing to something “more interesting” as they watch Chan 22 clueless to what is on the table.    I would ask that when presenting a project the camera be aimed at the drawing of the proposed over 55 complex for folks that live, I guess, as if they are on the run.

“Wanna run down to Walgreens with me?”

“Nah, I might get spotted”

It would be great too if the diagram on the easel was visible to the home viewer. A scroll perhaps at the bottom of the screen. For a very long time many of the meetings in Town were not televised. Now they are and the productions require an upgrade using all the resources available, and the constant technical glitches resolved for good.

The Planning Board is now discussing how high the screening arborvitaes should be for the new complex at 80 Maple St.

For those of you on Maple St no worries, I just used Maple St as an example.

The All Boards meeting I attended some time ago as a citizen at the Library was the occasion of a telling moment. Before Cliff Sinnott began the meeting he remarked to the assembled on the seating arrangement. All the various board members  were sitting shoulder to shoulder with their respective peers.

If we are to move forward it must be in a studied fashion with solid planning and adherence to a common mission, , with a solid conservation outlook and a zoning board that has a heart .

Absent that  type of decision making our decisions will haunt us.

Franklin Street and current decisions on Epping Rd are already a bit spooky.