Things that go Boom at 3am

I awoke to an email from a close neighbor asking me if I also heard the loud “explosion” at about 3am this morning.


He has a friend that lives out on Rt 85 and that fellow heard it as did my neighbor.

I asked just now at the Deli counter in Stratham if anyone there felt or heard it and one guy, an employee, who lives in Stratham heard it.

“I get up at 2am to get ready to come in here and at about 3am I heard it” “It startled the cat”

I inquired if it sounded like a sonic boom.

“Nope, I was in the military and I know what they sound like, no more of an abrupt explosion”


If you look around the Web you will find many references to these noises and inexplicably  many are heard  at about 3am.

There are  web sites that have video of news reports from around the World concerning these noises.

Its just one of those odd stories. Some scientists think these noises are produced by the Earth itself.

Here are two links if you would like to poke around, there are many more.    ( this link has some video that might give you chills!)

Oh and it might not be Government experiments, Visitors, Mother Earth popping off, no it might be something else.

Exploding Head Syndrome!

I passed this all to a local reporter for him to chase.


Wait for it, email coming in………

Ha! My reporter has chased it down! A 1.6 earthquake, so it was Mother Earth. It was located about 8km from Exeter. ( Weston Observatory)



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