Saturday morning

2015-02-14 06.25.29It is currently  a balmy 26 degrees in Anchorage.

I was chatting with a fellow in the construction trade yesterday who is managing several large jobs around New England.

He has had to close some sites due to the snow.

“Hey , do you know where that load of rebar was dumped?”  “We need it , right now”

No little hump to detect, nothing, that rebar and lots of other essential supplies are buried.

You cannot plow, some products could be wrecked if hit by one of  “those poor souls that are  so tired  from plowing”

“That was imported tile!”

There is no way to shovel, it would be a treasure hunt without a map. Plus  guys don’t really like shoveling, especially at work.

Next time perhaps a ten foot pole could be planted with a label, or an enterprising fellow might rent sheds for this problem.

There  will be many next times.


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