4″ or 4′

It makes no difference really, the lesson to be learned from this mess is that all snow must be hauled. It is no use to wait for a melt. So many of the issues are because snow was not hauled back to the first storm.I am speaking to snow left to turn to cement at key areas in Town. There are critical areas that simply must get attention after every storm

Just like wetlands right? Not all wetlands are the same right now according to some in 2015.

In 2050 that might not be the case , is that not true too?

Lest anyone think I have gone all cabin fever let me set you straight. If I see something funky around Town I make a call, do you?

Because I have done this for years in a helpful fashion I know all the players on a first name basis.

This relationship can be a problem sometimes.

I had a conversation with Jay Perkins weeks ago regarding the accumulation of curb snow on Main St  between Ash and Cocheco Auto Repair. This is the stretch just before Main St School that is used every day by visitors and employees of the  Main Street School.

Leigh Daley who works at Main St always does a terrific job of getting her car right up against the curb, yes, I know who is who.

There goes Arthur in his pickup, here comes Bob Hall, there goes Don Clement . Don’s  new pickup threw me for a day. I am a habitual driver of Main to String Bridge to the Mill throughout the  day, as I am very busy tending to my Aunt.

Leigh always  makes a good effort but it’s really tough if a foot is lost because DPW won’t listen. That small stretch needs to be kept , get this, broom clean, when school is in session.

If not most drivers on Main are unable to thread the eye of needle caused by cars that are not tight to  the curb. Most people it seems have no clue as to the width of their car. I can’t wait for the  driver-less car as many are in dire need of this right now.

The Barber Shop, Bakery, DTC stretch  also challenges drivers. More curb snow to be removed.

This targeted snow removal is key and I simply do not understand why I see it, but Police and DPW do not. The snow in these two areas needs to be hauled after every storm. You simply cannot hope it melts.

I had to make a run to Logan early this am, 430 for a 6am departure. I wanted to grab some cash at the bank for my intrepid traveler.

Had to blow it off as a snow haul operation was beginning on Lincoln St and the line of ten wheelers was blocking the Bank. Hey why are those longer bed trucks not used to haul snow? Frankly  a ten wheeler  seems undersized.

No biggie on the cash.

I went right down to Cass St to get over to  the  highway and remarked to myself that the curb snow was still there on Main despite my call.

The street light was still out at Cass St too which I also told Jay about during one of my phone calls. That curve is a black hole at night because the light has been out for some time now. Anyone notice that the section of guard rail that protected the little gray house and its occupants was never replaced? I spoke to Jay about that too, last year. He thought it was still there.

Two weeks ago I called DPW because   Portsmouth Ave was backed up all the way to the Volvo dealership. I determined the issue was the Green Hill Ave stoplight, the timing was off or something, so I rang DPW, really nice, just a heads up.

“Thanks we know, the guy that knows how to fix it is out sick and the other only guy that knew anything about stoplights retired”

“We have called the manufacturer and are waiting for a service guy”

I alerted my Selectman of this news and suggested the Traffic Control Company conduct a training session for a handful of DPW workers so we can respond to this situation whenever it occurs. A week later I see a policeman there waving cars through. Today it was blinking yellow which I think means it’s still messed up.

I was told to call Jay.

I am not mad at all just disappointed.

If more citizens engaged  the Town Government and Departments we really would be better off  because when it’s only a small number that do, you get ignored.


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